5 Tips for avoiding “Maskne”

When 2020 hit we were faced with changes we never thought possible. One major change was the incorporation of a mask into everyday life. With this new foreign object plastered to our face we now have to prepare for and deal with new issues. Acne mechanica is one of those new issues. “Maskne” as it has been nicknamed is a outbreak on the lower face that cause acne like blemishes to appear. Acne mechanica sprout in places where your skin gets rubbed constantly and is most commonly seen in athletes who wear chin straps. Although in most cases wearing a mask daily will not cause a full on outbreak we do still deal with dryness, irritation, and a combination of other issues that are different for every person.


Although it may seen like an inconvenience at the moment, it is important at the time so we will talk about what you can do to protect your face from the dreaded Maskne outbreak.

5 Tips for avoiding “Maskne”


1. Apply Moisturizer before wearing a mask

Don’t apply make-up apply moisture. Your face is facing a battle and you have to use the right tools. Applying a light moisturizer reduces effects of direct friction on your face. It also creates a protective layer on your skin. Make up clogs your pores and traps in more bacteria since there is no fresh air flow.


5 Tips for avoiding “Maskne”

2. Wash your fabric mask everyday

You wouldn’t wear the same underwear two days in a row would you? If your answer was no, and hopefully it was that is the same reason you should clean your mask daily. Although it may look clean your mask accumulates dirt, dust and oil every day. It is import to make sure you are wearing a clean mask everyday to reduce risk of infection.

5 Tips for avoiding “Maskne”

3. Do not reuse disposable mask

It’s so easy to hang on to that same blue mask but I’m here to tell you disposable means one time use. This mask is not the old faithful. Disposable mask breakdown very easily because they are not meant for long term use. As they start to break down your skin is more susceptible to the elements and you are putting the accumulation of dirt and oils back onto your face. Sounds bad when I break it down right? Well I’m here to let you know tossing it will do you much more good.

5 Tips for avoiding “Maskne”

4. Take a 10 minute mask break (only remove your mask in a safe environment)

Everyone skin reacts differently to different environment. Wearing mask daily increases the amount of condensation directly onto our skin. That constant flow of warm air can cause flare ups for some people. To give yourself a break, and your skin a fighting chance try to take a 10-15 minute mask break. This will let your mask air out your skin dry up and reduce the chance of a flare up. Always take a mask break when your are in a safe environment.

5. Wash your face after removing your mask

If you’ve read the other tips you know there is so much built up from wearing your mask all day. Going to sleep with dirt, and sweat accumulate overnight will not be great for your skin. Take 5 minutes to was off the day when you are finally home and as Future would say “Mask Off”.



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